State Representative for the 70th District

Moving Forward in Unity with a Purpose to Create a Better Future for All Families!

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Advocating for the Future

A Champion for
Teachers and

Representative Cynthia Neeley is creating legislation that supports our teachers and students with financial resources for a quality education.

Creating Legislation That Matter

Forward Thinking.
United Team.

Representative Cynthia Neeley is the product of a union family and advocates for legislation that supports unions, healthcare, and prevailing wages for all, she believes everyone must have a voice in the workplace.

The Michigan Economy
Working for the People

Brought back millions in state and federal funding to strengthen our communities.

Cynthia supports legislation that improves the economic growth in our communities.

Breaking through Partisan Gridlock
People are Our Priority

Crossing Lansing's political aisle, collaborating to end crime and gun violence.

Cynthia has worked across party lines to promote legislation that creates a sustainable quality of life.

Building the economy through union partnership

Moving in the Right Direction

Representative Cynthia Neeley has garnered support and earned the endorsement of Unions across the board.

Representative Cynthia Neeley has proudly introduced and co-sponsored over 200 pieces of legislation.
Keep up to date with her legislation record Here via Bill Track 50
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