About Cynthia Neeley

State Representative Cynthia Neeley is a proud Democrat, wife, mother, community business owner, and current Michigan state house representative for the new house 70th district, which encompasses the Cities of Flint, Burton, and Flint Township.

Her focus continues to be sponsoring and co­sponsoring legislation that safeguards our communities, decrease gun violence, ensure clean, accessible affordable water for Michigan residents, schools and facilities, making sure our students and educators have the necessary tools and resources needed to be productive, along with healthcare and fair wages for all.

Representative Cynthia Neeley is honored to work with constituents, community leaders and community investors. She is proud to currently serve on the house health policy and house tax policy committees.

Representative Neeley takes pride in her community activism: she attended many community events in her first year of office and she continues to reach out to community leaders, activists, and residents throughout the district.

During her time in office she has introduced and co-sponsored over 200 pieces of legislation including sponsored and passed HB 6119, which finances convention centers and HB 6235 which decriminalizes certain driving offenses. She is currently working on HB 5027 and HB 6221, legislation that reduces gun violence and puts an end to guns being sold back in our communities that have been seized by or come into possession of law enforcement.

As a small business owner, Representative Neeley understands the great importance of small businesses and recognizes their significant impact on sustaining a thriving economy. She is an active member of her church and community.

Representative Neeley has been a resident of Flint, Michigan for over 35 years and attended Mott College. Representative Neeley proudly resides in Flint with her husband, Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley and their two daughters.

In keeping with her commitment to community and accessibility, Representative Neeley encourages constituents to reach out to her by calling 517-373-8808 or emailing cynthianeeley@house.mi.gov.

What People Say...

You are voting on bills to make a better future for us Millennials. Thank you for the work you do, please keep fighting the good fight!

D. Craig

Flint Resident

Thank you for fighting for employees’ rights. This used to be a huge issue at our plant, but now its getting better.

T. Perez

Burton Resident

I like how you work across the party line to tackle the things we actually care about and get the job done!

Debra Conner

Flint Resident

Blessed with a Kind Heart and a Passion to serve the community, Rep. Cynthia Neeley is The Choice for 2022 and beyond.

Gerard Grifo

Flint Resident